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You have reached the Home Page of Austin Associates Limited a business and financial advisory service located in Wellington, New Zealand.

The world is full of one-size-fits-all business advisors and consultants. This is where Austin Associates Limited strives to be different. Their objective is to produce solutions tailored to the requirements of the client company.    

As a leading expert in the strategic planning field stated:

Leo Austin has the unique ability  to disassemble a problem to first principles and construct a solution in a structured and logical manner.

It is this ability  to identify a problem and provide solutions tailored to the particular circumstances of the client that sets Austin Associates Limited apart.

If you want advice from a company that will listen to your problems and work with you to find a solution, contact us at:




  • Tailored financial solutions for business

  • Business planning

  • Evaluation and negotiation of finance facilities

  • Feasibility studies

  • Business performance analysis

  • Special projects

  • Japan business and cultural advice