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Japanese Business Experience

Leo Austin has had business relationships with Japan since 1975 when he was Chief Financial Officer of the New Zealand operations of a major Japanese automotive manufacturer.

In 1986 he was transferred to the Tokyo office of a major British banking group. His term in Japan lasted six years in which time he had business relationships not only with major Japanese corporates, financial institutions and banks, but also with their equivalents in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

The business undertaken in Japan was generally complex, and required the ability to relate well with clients from a variety of nationalities, although the preponderance of clients were Japanese. It was also necessary to clearly convey complex concepts to non-native English speakers.

To effectively undertake business in Japan, as in most cultures, it is essential that one has a good understanding of the culture of the parties involved. This is especially true when undertaking business in Japan.

Working in a primarily Japanese staffed office, dealing with Japanese clients, and socialising with Japanese clients and colleagues in the evenings, allied with a keen interest in the culture, gave Leo Austin a deep understanding and appreciation of the Japanese culture.

His success in acquiring this knowledge was proven by the complex transactions he was able to complete whilst he resided in Japan.

Leo's background and understanding of Japanese business and culture enables him to provide organisations wishing to do business in Japan with an insight into means by which they might best develop their business in that country.

He is available to give one-on-one or group seminars on aspects of Japan of interest to his clients.



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  • Japan business and cultural advice